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Tarako Kewpie

This round-shaped red doll has become a mass phenomenon in Japan. It’s not a toy; it’s part of the brand image for a codfish roe sauce

The Kewpie doll disguised as a codfish egg
The Kewpie doll disguised as a codfish egg
  It is difficult to market a food as visually unattractive as codfish eggs. It may seem easier to disguise its appearance so as not to provoke the prospective consumer’s rejection. But things in Japan work the other way around. Codfish eggs are unpleasant, are they? “Well, we’ll play them up and even give them a personality.”

This is what the creative team behind the campaign for Kewpie brand codfish roe sauce must have thought.

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 on 20 Oct 2008 by Marta Reig in Japanese Culture

A Lego Inside

An American artist has published Micro Schematic, a comprehensive anatomical study of Legos

"Micro Schematic": Inside Legos.
"Micro Schematic": Inside Legos.
  We’ve known for some time now that Playmobil, "Star Wars" action figures and Legos aren’t just for children. Many adults are fascinated by them and treasure them with greater devotion now than they did when they were young. But, what about science? Has it ever been interested in Legos?

Don’t think this is a joke. What did you imagine? That a Lego is nothing more thana little plastic doll with a permanent smile? Well, it’s not.

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 on 17 Oct 2008 by Alicia Rodríguez Mediavilla in News and curiosities

The Ecological Street Lamp That Wrings Out Used Batteries

Energy Seed is a street lamp that runs on residual energy from used batteries. It eliminates contaminants and saves energy.

Energy Seed, the street lamp that runs on (almost) dead batteries
Energy Seed, the street lamp that runs on (almost) dead batteries
  We live surrounded by battery-powered devices. When these batteries run out, we dispose of them- albeit in special containers if we are ecologically minded- without so much as suspecting that there is still some life left in them and that they can still be useful. Designers Sungwoo Park and Sunhee Kim have found a way to make the most of these highly pollutant batteries: Why not use that residual energy to power street lamps?

All we’d have to do is equip our streets with what they call Energy Seed, in other words, lampposts with bases full of small holes in which citizens may deposit their nearly-dead batteries.

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 on 16 Oct 2008 by in Gadgets, inventions and prototypes

Has anyone seen Laika? Reward offered

GPS Technology to Find Missing Pets

Pet collar with built-in GPS and phone
Pet collar with built-in GPS and phone
  Those desperate posters offering rewards to anyone who helps find a lost dog or cat now have their days numbered. We are already more than used to finding our way while traveling by following instructions from our GPS navigator so, why not use it to find missing pets?

This is what Petsmobility suggests we do with Petscell, a pet collar with a built-in cell phone and GPS.

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 on 15 Oct 2008 by in Unusual gifts

Atelier Tekuto’s Japanese Architecture

Lack of space is the pretext for their original and innovative designs

 Exterior- Cell Brick House
Exterior- Cell Brick House
  Atelier Tekuto is a Japanese architectural firm that we find intriguing. We’ve already mentioned architecture on several occasions, but this time what amazes us are the firm’s designs, the materials they use, their respect for the environment and, above all, the way they optimize the use of available space.

We’ve also noticed the names they give their creations: "Reflections of Mineral", "White Ladybird", "Silver Fox", "Skin House"… Don’t they sound more like the titles of poetry books?

But let’s get back to our story.

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 on 14 Oct 2008 by in Art, design and architecture

The Condom That Goes to Your Head

Who says condoms aren’t reusable? In China, they use them to make hair bands

Hair bands made out of condoms for sale at a shop in China
Hair bands made out of condoms for sale at a shop in China
  Did you think there was nothing left to invent and that nothing could surprise you? Well, you were wrong. The world of recycling has one last in store surprise for you: hair bands made from recycled condoms. See how it’s still possible to surprise you? And, their cheap: at the current exchange rate 10 headbands cost just three cents of a dollar.

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 on 13 Oct 2008 by in News and curiosities

Clone Yourself with Youdoodoll

"Cloning" within everyone's reach: build a replica of yourself, your pet or your girlfriend.

  Are you so in love with yourself that you want to show yourself off in a display case? Do you still adore your ex-girlfriend from preschool? Are you bent on getting even with your boss or with that teacher who wouldn't get off your case by performing a voodoo ritual on them?
You're in luck. You now have within reach Youdoodoll , the best way to make miniature copies of anyone you wish to clone.

At first glance, Youdoodoll is a somewhat homely little doll: a bit shapeless; all white; with no eyes, mouth or nose; and, to top it all off, it's naked.

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 on 10 Oct 2008 by Alicia Rodríguez Mediavilla in Unusual gifts

Pekoppa, The Understanding Little Plant

Don't waste money going to see a psychologist, tell your trusty

Pekoppa, the plant that always thinks you're right
Pekoppa, the plant that always thinks you're right
  Some days, it just seems like the whole world's against you and no one's on your side. Your boss, your wife, your kids… all seem to be cross with you. Wouldn't it be nice to have someone (or omething) actually make you feel accepted? That's why some people get
pets. But, in the end, having an animal around the house is just plain cumbersome.

Plants are a lot less demanding and they're fun to take care of, at least for a little while.

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 on 7 Oct 2008 by in Unusual gifts

Muwi, Every Gardener's Best Friend

The electric lawnmower that picks up and compresses whatever's left over.

Mowing the lawn has never been this easy or comfortable.
Mowing the lawn has never been this easy or comfortable.
  If you want your yard to look impeccable, mowing the lawn is an essential albeit tedious chore. Not only is it boring to walk from one side of the garden to another driving the damned mowing machine. The worst part is afterwards, when you have to pick up the cut grass. Surely you've thought more than once, "what if I just leave it as fertilizer?"

Muwi is the answer, an electric lawnmower that compresses grass clippings making discs and balls out of them.

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 on 6 Oct 2008 by Alicia Rodríguez Mediavilla in Gadgets, inventions and prototypes


Japanese Emoticons: a whole world of expressiveness

Emoticons: Japanese versus Western
Emoticons: Japanese versus Western
  It is usual practice nowadays to add emoticons to our e-mails and text messages (sms).

The origins of emoticons are not that clear, and there are a few theories out there.

Three Theories

The first theory states that it was Scott Fahlman, at IBM, who invented :-) and :-( back in 1982.

Another one says that circa 1972 emoticons were already commonly used with the PLATO IV computer-based communication system, though they were not exactly the same ones we are using today.

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 on 15 Sep 2008 by Ayumi Nakai in Japanese Culture
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