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Anne-Claire Petit's Crochet Toys

Anne-Claire Petit designs and manufactures these original hand-made crochet toys and accessories. Matryoshka, coffee pots, reindeer heads, giant mushrooms...

Crochet Matryoshka
Crochet Matryoshka
  Today we're presenting a collection of crochet toys by Dutch designer Anne-Claire Petit, who created her own company years ago in order to design and manufacture handcrafted accessories.

Petit started out weaving dolls and toys for children, but nowadays her collections include a much wider range of products. She has managed to create a little universe populated by crochet toys and objects in basic colors.

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 on 2 Nov 2010 by Marta Reig in

Designer Garden Gnomes

Garden gnomes don't have to be tacky. These designer gnomes are about to improve the reputation of one of the ugliest garden accessories of all times.

Baddy garden gnomes come in 5 colors
Baddy garden gnomes come in 5 colors
  This updated version of the classic garden gnome is called Baddy, and it was designed by Joe Velluto, an Italian artist who has managed to transform this atrocious and tacky decorative accessory into a unique design.

Baddy is made out of resin and comes in several colors and finishes (lacquered, color or metallic). There's also a green photo-luminescent model that absorbs light for a few moments and then gives it off for several hours, turning the little gnome into a pretty lamp that doesn't require batteries or electric outlets.

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 on 2 Nov 2010 by Marta Reig in Unusual gifts

Chester Sofa Upholstered Pigs

A pouf, a doll, a sculpture, a designer item, a toy, or a buddy: this adorable pig is all that and more. And its skin is designed to look like the typical quilted upholstery used for Chester sofas. We love it.

The little pig comes in three sizes
The little pig comes in three sizes
  Just one look at a picture of these plump little pigs, and you'll fall head over heels for them too. We're not quite sure what this pig is meant to do but, upon careful observation, we realized it could come in handy in just about any situation: it can be a pouf, some sort of weird sculpture, a soft and cushy toy, or simply an eccentric roommate.

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 on 2 Nov 2010 by Marta Reig in Art, design and architecture

"Animals on the Underground": Look for animals on a map of the London tube system

Animals on the Underground is an interesting project that consists of looking for animals hidden in the lines on a map of the London underground system.

The first animal found was this elephant
The first animal found was this elephant
  It was the year 1988 and Paul Middelwick was riding the tube on his way home from work. He looked at a map of the underground and discovered that: there was an elephant there hidden among the junctions and stations.

Ever since then, anyone who wants to is welcome to draw a new animal on the map of the London underground as long as they stay inside the lines.

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 on 26 Oct 2010 by Marta Reig in Art, design and architecture

Nyambrella Multipurpose Umbrella With Cat Paw Print

This umbrella can even be used as a tripod for your camera.

  Let’s say you have an outing today, you get up in the morning and look up at the sky. tIt’s a fine day, the sun is shinning, but the weatherman swears it’s going to rain in the afternoon. So you grab and umbrella, and also a tripod for your cameras so you can take some nice photos... Your backpack is heavy with all that equipment.

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 on 19 Oct 2010 by Ayumi Nakai in Japanese Culture

Bird-shaped coat hooks

This group of birds is really a set of original coat hooks. Make space in your living room for these new lodgers!

Set of coat hooks in several different colors
Set of coat hooks in several different colors
  Give your apartment a new look and decorate its walls with these cute colorful birds perched on a branch. Each bird is an individual coat hook that is easy to install, just screw it on the wall. Use the bird coat hook to hang your coat, or to hang dishcloths in the kitchen or towels in the bathroom.

Unlike other novelty coat hooks, this one won't end up getting covered by whatever you put on top of it, because the branch serves as the hook and the bird always remains visible.

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 on 19 Oct 2010 by Marta Reig in Unusual gifts

Designer notebooks from Belleza Infinta publishers

A collection of 4 designer notebooks with lines that are curiously designed to invite you to experiment with different styles of handwriting.

Look at the photos to see the notebooks inside
Look at the photos to see the notebooks inside
  The covers on these designer notebooks published by Belleza Infinita and created by Jaime Narváez have straight or slanted lines, spirals or square grids. The notebooks come in four colors (blue, green, red and grey) and they're numbered. They're made out of very thick paper, with sturdy covers, a minimalist front cover and an interior that makes you stop and think because both the lines and the drawing on the front cover seem to float on blank pages, creating lined paper that almost seems to be teasing you.

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 on 19 Oct 2010 by Marta Reig in Unusual gifts

Crazy Earphone: Mushroom, Screw or Sushi Earbuds

These Japanese earbuds are really wild and crazy.

Crazy Earphone
Crazy Earphone
  Hey, you have mushrooms sticking out of your ears! There you are, feeling like the coolest of the cool with your ultra-modern Solidalliance earbuds, and people on the street stare at you, wondering, "What on Earth is that...?". The thing is that this company makes earbuds in very original and somewhat surreal shapes.

For instance, they have earbuds shaped like bananas, cat paws, screws, and apples with arrows through them, Japanese swords, ears (the meta-ear: an ear inside a real ear...), and sushi pieces...

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 on 17 Oct 2010 by Ayumi Nakai in Japanese Culture

Brick Shaped Sticky Notes

Build your own sticky structures with these post-its shaped like mud bricks. Any wall you stick them all will look like a bear brick wall!

Make any wall look like a bear brick wall
Make any wall look like a bear brick wall
  These sticky notes have the shape and look of mud bricks they're the perfect way to customize your office and decorate it to look like a very realistic brick-face building. Leaving notes for your workmates will now become a creative endeavor. You can draw a skyline, design your own trompe l'oeil without getting up from your desk, or play with them as if they were building blocks like you did when you were 5.

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 on 4 Oct 2010 by Marta Reig in Unusual gifts

Inflatable Beach Ball Lamp

Remember those inflatable beach balls you used to play with as a child? An Italian design firm has now rescued these and turned them into lamps.

A Tobyhouse studio design
A Tobyhouse studio design
  Imagine decorating your home with inflatable beach balls? Italian design firm Tobyhouse has rescued this common childhood memento and turned it into an original and colorful lamp.

Tobyhouse recycles original PVC balls and treats them to harden the inside while keeping the outside inflatable. The result is simply perfect. These lamps create an evocative space. Every time you turn on the lights in your living room, you will be reminded of all those lazy afternoons spent playing on the beach.

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 on 1 Oct 2010 by in
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