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 on 25 Mar 2009 by Marta Reig    

Animal House

This book is a collection of images of animals photographed against wallpaper backdrops. The artist is a prestigious American photographer.. Más ideas de regalo en Curiosite regalos originales

A crocodile making itself at home
A crocodile making itself at home
A crocodile making itself at home A somewhat pretentious donkey A llama, dressed to match the carpeting This cow is thirsty Beaver with flowers in the background "Sit and smile" dogs never fail us Cute monkey against red backdrop Catherine Ledner with a friend
How do you manage to get a crocodile to pose in your living room? And, even worse, how do you get him to smile? If you were to see that same animal up close in a Florida swamp, you’d probably be terrified, but this one here looks so adorable, it almost makes you want to pet it.

The same is true of the cow, it’s totally in it element. Or the llama that looks like it hasn’t hurt a fly in all its life. Only a real animal lover could possibly capture the best of these animals.

The book’s author Animal House is Catherine Ledner is a prestigious photographer whose work has appeared in the New York Times Magazine, Vanity Fair and Travel & Leisure. She grew up in New Orleans surrounded by all sorts of animals: rabbits, rats, turtles... so it’s no wonder she’s not afraid of a silly old beaver.

By photographing these animals outside their usual surroundings and putting them in front of elegant wallpaper backdrops, the photographer manages to highlight each animal’s personality, capture its essence, and also create a curious habitat. With these backgrounds, they look more like cartoon characters than actual animals. How could they possibly have been so comfortable posing?

We can only imagine it must not have been easy to work with all these animals, but the result is worth it.

Via Kick Style
"Catherine's Animals" Book
Catherine Ledner Website
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