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 el 28 Nov 2008 por Marta Reig

Adhesive Vinyl

A good way to decorate your walls without making holes in them.

Domestic’s fake bookshelf
Domestic’s fake bookshelf
Domestic’s fake bookshelf A lamp post in your living room? The lucky waving cat, now on your wall The Vampire and the Princess, Chispum’s adhesive fairytale Don’t have a green thumb? These false plants don’t need water The Martians are coming! A little tree for your baby Pick your colors
Vinyl adhesives are the natural descendants of classic painted wallpaper. These adhesive strips are made of a flexible material: ultra-resistant and long-lasting vinyl (hence their name). They’ll stick to any flat surface: walls, ceilings, household appliances, floors… and if you peel them off carefully you can even reuse them.

They are a good option if you want to decorate a rental home but are not allowed to drill holes in the walls or paint them a different color. Many shopkeepers have started using these to spruce up their window displays on special occasions such as Christmas without having to resort to a decorator.

And no doubt vinyl adhesives are the perfect solution for people who are hopeless at decorating and DIY. No nails, glue, or straightedges required. Use only a little imagination to redecorate your home.

All sorts of models have been designed since these first became popular. At Paristic they specialize in outlines, figures and skylines of cities such as Paris and New York. They also create silhouettes of emblematic buildings such as the Eiffel Tower or the Empire State Building, which will help give your living room an urban edge.

Spanish company Chispum makes fairytale adhesives. They are short stories for children, written in a rounded text and decorated with some drawings. Domestic’sdesigns are very varied and you can find vinyl adhesives that’ll make it look like you have animals running around your living room, a colorful fake bookshelf, or imaginary vases and plants.

Those who are a bit more daring can even create their own vinyl, or at least color it in. Nineteenseventythree makes vinyl pieces with black and white drawings on them ready for you add your choice of colors with some markers. And Space Invaders fans can get their hands on a kit of stickers with pixilated Martians that’ll look like they’re flying over your armchair.

The offer is varied and vinylmania is on the rise. So, if you want to change the look of your living room without bursting a water pipe with the drill, pick the vinyl you like the most… and stick it!


The heroes of BurgerTown
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