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Pasta server with built-in spaghetti measure

These pasta server tongs are very practical: the handle has holes in it that you can use to measure the exact quantity of a serving of spaghetti.

Pasta tongs you can also use to measure spaghetti-serving sizes
Pasta tongs you can also use to measure spaghetti-serving sizes
  Trying to figure out how much pasta to make per person is really a tricky business. Does anyone really know how much spaghetti the average person is capable of ingesting? If we go by the quantities proposed on the package, we're sure to end up over-eating, because they always recommend a gigantic portions. If we follow our own criteria, we also end up with leftovers, since we're apt to make more than we need just to be on the safe side.

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 on 1 Oct 2010 by Marta Reig in Unusual gifts

"horsey", a gadget that turns you bike into a miniature horse

Korean designer Eungi Kim created these bike accessories, and they've even won bike accessory design awards.

Turn your bike into a horse with "horsey"
Turn your bike into a horse with "horsey"
  The Seoul Design Foundation" organized the Seoul Cycle Design Competition 2010" in collaboration with a design blog called "designboom". Its aim was to promote bicycle transport while supporting the Korean city's product designs and image.

One of the winners was "horsey", created by a Korean designer who set of to turn any old bike into a horse. His invention is a bike accessory that's really no more than some white wooden ornaments you fit on any bicycle to create the silhouette of a white horse.

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 on 28 Sep 2010 by Marta Reig in Gadgets, inventions and prototypes

Slurpabowl Portable Bowl: The coolest thing in dog accessories

It's made out of recyclable cardboard, holds up to 2 cups, folds up and is portable. And best of all: It's shaped like a dog.

Your dog needs this to make him happier
Your dog needs this to make him happier
  Surely we're not the first to discover a portable dog food bowl: there are tons of inventions like this one. But what makes Slurpabowl special is that it's designed to look like a Japanese-style square dog, tail and ears included! It's simply brilliant; you'll want to buy one even if you don't own a pet.

This dog accessory is not just really cute, it's also very practical.

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 on 28 Sep 2010 by Marta Reig in Unusual gifts

B-SomeBody, Japanese Photo Frames

Insert a close-up of yourself and you’ll instantly become a famous celebrity, a body-builder, or a very sexy woman.

How to use B-SomeBody figurines
How to use B-SomeBody figurines
  Everyone has at some point wondered what it would be like to be a famous actor, a body-builder or a very sexy woman with fabulous curves... Well, now your wishes can come true thanks to "B-SomeBody".

B-SomeBody is a photo frame shaped like a figurine of a body with no head. To complete the figurine, just insert a close up photo of your face.

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 on 24 Sep 2010 by Ayumi Nakai in Japanese Culture

Walkman MP3 Player

This MP3 looks like a Walkman. It's hot pink and comes with all the buttons found on the legendary portable cassette player. You'll feel like you're back in the 1980's.

  A few months back, we published an article in our blog about a curious experiment the BBC had carried out on the Walkman. A reminder: A 13-year old boy was asked to trade in his MP3 player and use an old-fashioned Walkman instead for one week. The boy's conclusions were rather enlightening. Among other things, he mentioned that the tape sometimes got stuck, that the device was too heavy, that it had poor sound quality...

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 on 22 Sep 2010 by Marta Reig in Gadgets, inventions and prototypes

A cool bookshelf that looks like a book

This book is not a book; it's actually a bookshelf. Once you hang it, you can put your books in it. They'll look like they're floating in mid air!

This book is not a book... it's a bookshelf.
This book is not a book... it's a bookshelf.
  "Ceci n'est pas un livre", in other words, "This is not a book". The famous phrase from Magritte's painting was a source of inspiration for the people who designed this cool bookshelf. The phrase is used as the title of the fake novel that will hold all the books you put in it.

It's actually a wooden shelf that looks like a book, and comes with all the hardware required to hang it on any wall.

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 on 14 Sep 2010 by Marta Reig in Unusual gifts

'Kawaii' decorative pillows by Mymimi, an american designer

Mymimi is an american designer who has created this collection of decorative pillows. They are so 'kawaii': a koala bear, a panda, an old Tv or a cute cassete tape.

Soft, cushy and adorable
Soft, cushy and adorable
  Adorable, ingenious and, above all, very kawaii. That's how we choose to describe this collection of decorative pillows by American designer Mymimi. After working as an illustrator and toy designer for 10 years, in 2005 Mymimi started her own manufacturing company and specialized in decorative prints. She designs and manufactures these really cool decorative pillows herself.

Any one of these models makes a great gift for any fan of Japanese illustration, young or old.

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 on 14 Sep 2010 by Marta Reig in Unusual gifts

Fridgeezoo: Artic Animals that Live in the Fridge.

Fridgeezoo is a new Japanese refrigerator gadget.

The Fridgeezoo seal
The Fridgeezoo seal
  It's the middle of summer. You keep opening the fridge looking for some cool refreshment. But, if you leave the refrigerator door open, the Fridgeezoo animals will reprimand you.

Fridgeezoos are shaped like Japanese milk cartons with faces of artic animals drawn on them. They hide in your fridge and chat with you each time you open it.

And, if you leave the refrigerator door open too long, these pets won't let you hear the end of it: they'll scold and berate you for being thoughtless about the environment.

This product was created by Solid Alliance, and it consists of a series of gadgets designed to be used inside the fridge.

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 on 9 Sep 2010 by Ayumi Nakai in Japanese Culture

Bears, those disturbing teddy bears by Ken Rogowski

They look like monsters out of some sort of horror film, but they're actually just teddy bears turned inside out. This is Ken Rogowski's work of art.

A ¿Care? Bear
A ¿Care? Bear
  He starts by ripping apart the seams, tearing out the stuffing and turning them inside out. Then he re-stuffs them, sews them up and makes them pose for the photo. This is the process artist Ken Rogowski applied to the teddy bears featured in this art project called "Bears".

They are simple teddy bear portraits that bare their souls, and their look is determined by the requirements of the manufacturing process.

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 on 6 Sep 2010 by Marta Reig in Unusual gifts

Mejikara, Japanese anti-wrinkle treatment

No creams, massages, or miracle cures. The ultimate anti-wrinkle cream looks like a pair of ski goggles. It's a Japanese invention.

Better dead than plain
Better dead than plain
  Who could've imagined that, after years of failed attempts at getting rid of those bags under your eyes, the perfect anti-wrinkle treatment would turn out to be something as simple as wearing ski goggles.

The Japanese have launched this magical invention that promises to get rid of even the toughest under-eye wrinkles. It's called Mejikara, a pair of yellow silicone glasses that softly massage your face and put gentle pressure on the skin around your eyes.

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 on 6 Sep 2010 by Marta Reig in Unusual gifts
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