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Toast Coaster Set

They look like real toast, but they're just pieces of cork molded into the shape of sliced bread. Just one look, and you'll want to take a bite.

Cork is not fattening
Cork is not fattening
  It's amazing how much a piece of cork can resemble a slice of bread. If you don't believe it, look at this toast coaster set. Their creator, Brazilian designer Patricia Naves, came up with the idea of taking a simple piece of cork and molding it into the shape of a slice of toast.

The result is so realistic that it really makes you want to take a bite.

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 on 30 Mar 2011 by in

Edible Pens for Restless Students

This edible pen is made out of little pieces of candy. Even the ink is edible!

Edible pen made out of pieces of candy
Edible pen made out of pieces of candy
  There's nothing worse than asking someone to borrow a pen and having them hand you one that's all chewed up. Why do people eat pens? It must be that studying makes us nervous and, when there are no yummy snacks around, we tend to chew on whatever's on hand. If all your pens have that nasty chewed up look to them, it may interest you to learn that designer Dave Hakkens has now created edible pens.

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 on 30 Mar 2011 by Marta Reig in Unusual gifts

Loog Guitar, The Three-String Guitar for Beginners

This project by Uruguayan designer Rafael Atijas is still in its initial stages, but we hope it will soon help many would-be guitarists realize their dream rather than having to give up when faced with the complexity of a full-scale six string instrument

  When you first hold a guitar in your hands, it’s a bit complicated just to try to balance it on your thigh. When it comes to actually getting your fingers on the strings, the complexity grows exponentially, and managing to get a chord out when you have to use all six strings is beyond imaginable.

I am convinced that it’s the complexity of playing a conventional six-string guitar that inspired Rafael Atijas to create Loog Guitar.

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 on 22 Mar 2011 by Jesús Rojas in Gadgets, inventions and prototypes

Doorclaxon: A Door knob with Built-In Claxon

Dutch designer Dieter Volkers has created a very peculiar door knob: it's a claxon with a speaker that replaces the everyday doorbell.

Moc moc!
Moc moc!
  You'll have the most striking door on the block if you replace your ordinary old door knob with a Doorclaxon, a curious and original door knob that sounds like an old-style car horn.

Instead of pressing the doorbell, your friends can just squeeze the soft part of this device, which hangs outside the door. There's a speaker connected on the other side, so you'll hear it all over the house, it's a sound that's hard to miss.

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 on 22 Mar 2011 by Marta Reig in

Peephole Umbrella

This umbrella has an added feature that will make it easier to walk around in the rain: a clear plastic peephole... it's perfect for spies.

A perfect tool for following strangers
A perfect tool for following strangers
  A very peculiar umbrella specially designed for spies. It's not just a little narrower than your average umbrella, which is great for keeping you really dry, it also has a clear plastic peephole at about eye level so you can walk in the rain without missing a single detail of whatever is going on around you.

The puddle you must avoid, the bus you need to run for, or the person you've been spying on all afternoon.

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 on 22 Mar 2011 by Marta Reig in Unusual gifts

Wooden Robot Voice Recorder

It's a very basic recorder that pays homage to all things handmade. Its designer, Richard Upchurch, makes them by hand in his own apartment.

3 different models of the Wooden Robot Voice Recorder
3 different models of the Wooden Robot Voice Recorder
  It's a very basic and unpretentious voice recorder with no hidden sophisticated features, and it's by no means designed using the latest technology. That's precisely why we like this cardboard box: it's simple and square shaped and looks like a first-generation robot.

Its designer, Richard Upchurchmakes several models out of his apartment in Manhattan: they all record about 30 seconds of sound and have only one feature (playback), although there's also a model that can play the recording back at different speeds.

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 on 22 Mar 2011 by Marta Reig in Unusual gifts

Make Your Own Kaleidoscope

For many people, there’s nothing more relaxing than lounging on the sofa looking through a kaleidoscope. They can spend hours on end doing that, and the fact is that it’s a cheap and easy way to pass the time.

Hands on!
Hands on!
  In fact, this gadget will keep you entertained from the very moment you start putting it together, because it’s a kaleidoscope that you make yourself. The box includes all the pieces necessary so you can get started the minute you buy it.

The kaleidoscope is easy to put together, just follow the steps indicated on the box, it’s a complete do-it-yourself kaleidoscope that’s suitable for anyone over the age of 8.

It makes a great gift; especially if the person you give it to is a fan of colorfully psychedelic contraptions.

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 on 21 Mar 2011 by Jesús Rojas in Unusual gifts

Boogie Board LCD Paperless Writing Tablet

You can write and erase as much as you like thanks to this revolutionary paperless writing tablet that’s an ecologically-friendly alternative to paper notepads.

Check out this eco-friendly writing tablet, you'll never waste paper again
Check out this eco-friendly writing tablet, you'll never waste paper again
  It’s an LCD screen that you can write or draw whatever you like on, and it saves a considerable amount of paper. Just push a button to erase what you’ve written on the screen.

This paperless writing tablet offers unlimited possibilities. Anyone can use it: students, housewives, etc. You can use this Boogie Board Paperless Writing Tablet to take notes in class, play Pictionary, write your grocery list, or announce the day’s special.

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 on 15 Mar 2011 by Jesús Rojas in Gadgets, inventions and prototypes

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

In many Latin countries, Father’s Day falls on March 19th. Here are some ideas for Father’s Day gifts: We have some original and fun suggestions.

Don't forget to get something original for your dad!
Don't forget to get something original for your dad!
  If your sick of always getting hime the same thing (socks, pajamas, ...) try something different.

Your dad has as much of a right as anyone to have enjoy receiving gadgets and curious gifts, that’s why we’d like to invite you to have a look at some interesting options in this list of Top 10 Father’s Day Gifts:

1- Scratch Map, for travelers and adventurers.

2- USB Microscope, perfect for dad’s who love analyzing every last detail.

3- Negative and Positive
, for dads who want to keep souvenirs of their youth.

4- Wine Aerator, for dads who enjoy a glass of fine wine.

5- Key Locator, the perfect solution for absent-minded dads.

6- Sound Generator, for dads who miss the great outdoors.

7- Reversible Tie, so he can dress up casually.

8- Pantone Coffee Mug, so he can add the right amount of milk each time.

9- Movable Cube Puzzle, for dads who like to use their noggin.

10- Card Holder, so he’ll have all the cards he needs on hand.

If you want some more suggestions, we recommend you visit the following link:

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 on 14 Mar 2011 by Jesús Rojas in Unusual gifts

Kidimo, decorate your home with original vintage signs

Kidimo is a shop in Paris that creates custom-made words made to order using letters taken from old signs.

Kidimo's workshop in Paris
Kidimo's workshop in Paris
  Piles of letters on the floor, signs from old candy shops, hotels or supermarkets, enormous neon letters, the odd number here and there... this is the raw material Kidimo uses in its sign shop in Paris.

The owner, Nicolas Flachot, is a big fan of vintage decor and industrial design. He embarked upon this original and singular project a few years back.

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 on 2 Mar 2011 by Marta Reig in Art, design and architecture
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