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Midori: a mobile phone charger whit leaves

This mobile phone charger is shaped like a full-growing plant and it’ll fill any cold and uninviting space with the warmth of nature.

You’ll never have to wonder where you left your mobile phone
You’ll never have to wonder where you left your mobile phone
  Some things just aren’t meant to stand out. Chargers are a perfect example: black, white or grey, they always seem to be in the way. Is there anything less inviting than a table full of connection cables? They are probably one of the less carefully designed objects in existence.

Nevertheless, we’re surrounded by chargers: we all have a drawer full of them.

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 on 17 Jun 2009 by Marta Reig in Gadgets, inventions and prototypes, Online Delicatessen

In this online shop, you can buy gourmet products from all over the world and have them delivered home: Asian spices, chili crackers, luxury bottled-water...
  If you were completely won over by that yummy lemon-flavored jam called Lemon Curd on your last trip to England, or if the noodles you make at home just don’t taste as good as the ones you had in Bangkok, there’s no need for you to ask your friends to bring back these hard-to-find items. You know they’ll end up resenting you.

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 on 12 Jun 2009 by Marta Reig in Unusual gifts

Villa Julia, a little cardboard playhouse for kids

This cardboard playhouse is a stimulating game that requires kids to become actively involved: they have to assemble it, decorate it, personalize it and then they get to play in it!

A luxury playhouse for kids
A luxury playhouse for kids
  This cardboard playhouse called Villa Julia is a perfect eco-friendly home made of cardboard, a material that appears to be in vogue and has been used lately to make all sorts of toys: cut-out dolls, pinhole cameras, animated mechanical dolls... and generally all those "do-it-yourself" toys.

The cardboard playhouse was unveiled at the 2009 Milan Fair and was conceived at the studio of Spanish designer Mariscal, who regularly creates furniture and children’s collections for an Italian company called Magis.

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 on 10 Jun 2009 by Marta Reig in Art, design and architecture

10 Golden Rules of Gift Giving

The following tutorial will help you find the perfect gift for friends, family and even strangers. It’s as easy as following our 10 golden rules.

Before you buy anything, keep in mind your friend or family member’s tastes.
Before you buy anything, keep in mind your friend or family member’s tastes.
  Would you like your friends to scream and clap when they open their birthday gifts? Would you like them to beg you to tell them where you bought your mom that incredible gift? Just follow our tutorial on how to become the perfect gift-giver and have fun shopping. Follow the 10 golden rules and you’re sure to be a hit:


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 on 9 Jun 2009 by Marta Reig in Unusual gifts

Japanese Doggy Bags

These are not just a practical container for taking leftover food home from a restaurant; they also make consumers ponder the problem of world hunger.

Japanese doggy bags
Japanese doggy bags
  Although this habit is not quite as popular in Europe, taking restaurant leftovers home is a common practice in the US. And, honestly, if you’re paying for something, why leave it on the plate and let it go in the trash? Some people may think it’s better to order only what you’re actually planning to eat, while others claim there’s nothing like opening the fridge and finding a ready-made meal.

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 on 9 Jun 2009 by Marta Reig in Unusual gifts


The bottle for the Japanese brand Fueki’s glue looks like a yellow dog wearing a red cap. It serves as a source of inspiration for creating all sorts of products.

The classic Fueki glue bottle
The classic Fueki glue bottle
  A very cute yellow puppy’s face and a bright red cap, that’s what the new Fueki package looks like. And the contents have been just as carefully designed as the packaging: it contains a sunscreen that’s soft-to-the-touch, water resistant and also a great moisturizer. It also includes a complementary pair of glasses for the puppy on the bottle.

This design is totally retro for Japanese, and that makes it all the more appealing to us.

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 on 9 Jun 2009 by Ayumi Nakai in Japanese Culture

10 Gadgets for Travelers

We’ve selected 10 very practical gadgets for all sorts of travellers. Enjoy your vacation and don’t let any unexpected surprises stop you from getting away.

Choose your gadget
Choose your gadget
Before you decide to travel, choose your destination. You can look for information and 3-D maps on the Internet, or, better yet, hold the whole world in your hands and watch it gravitate with this incredible gadget. A sophisticated electromagnetic system keeps this Globe levitating above a mirrored base. The sphere floats and turns on itself.

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 on 9 Jun 2009 by Marta Reig in Unusual gifts

The 10 Best Gifts for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is almost here, and you know you’ll be disinherited if you forget to get your dad a gift.

Choose your dad's gift
Choose your dad's gift
  In many countries around the world, such as Great Britain, Canada, the U.S. and France, Father’s Day is celebrated the third Sunday in June, which falls on the 19th this year. We have several gifts to suggest so you can make up for all those years of tacky presents. We have something perfect for your dad, no matter what he’s like:

1. Digital counting money jar
If your dad’s thrifty by nature, he’ll love this digital counting money jar.

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 on 2 Jun 2009 by Marta Reig in Unusual gifts

Quick Press: Shirt Folding Board

Quick Press is a board you can use to fold clothes. In just 3 seconds, your t-shirts, sweaters, and trousers will be perfectly folded.

This is Quick Press
This is Quick Press
  I already posted a tip for folding shirts, and I acknowledge I used to use it myself, but they didn’t always come out perfect. Now there’s an even better trick, a product called Quick Press which is a board made up of 3 pieces that you can use to easily and quickly fold your clothes. They won’t just end up looking pretty; they’ll also be perfectly pressed, almost as if you had ironed them!

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 on 1 Jun 2009 by Ayumi Nakai in Japanese videos

New Dollar Design

Graphic designer Richard Smith has launched the "Dollar Redesign Project" with the aim of changing the dollar’s design.

Can you imagine dollar bills with Jack Nicholson’s face on them?
Can you imagine dollar bills with Jack Nicholson’s face on them?
  According to American graphic designer Richard Smith, the dollar hasn’t changed its design since 1930. But this project isn’t just about giving America’s most famous icon a new look, Smith believes designers can help kick-start the US economy with 'a thorough, in-depth, rebranding scheme - starting with the redesign of the iconic US dollar'.

He’s started a blog in order to carry out his project, Dollar ReDe$ign Project, he’s asked users to send in their proposals, and has even sent a letter to President Obama, inviting him to visit the web and understand why it’s necessary to come up with a new dollar design.

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 on 1 Jun 2009 by Marta Reig in Art, design and architecture
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