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A Sad Day for Shin-Chan Fans

Yoshito Usui, creator of the famous manga character Shin-Chan, died suddenly while on a hike.

  Movie theater’s in Japan these days are running a film called Ballad, based on the official Shin-Chan film. It’s a live-action film set in the time of the Samurai and there’s a boy in it that was inspired by Shin-Chan. It’s a touching film.

Shin-Chan is a manga character who is 5-years old, very mischievous and is constantly mocking adults.

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 on 24 Sep 2009 by Ayumi Nakai in News and curiosities

Ikemen Bank, A Moneybox That Helps You Save and Fall in Love

Each time you put a coin in this moneybox, a cute guy starts flattering you. Experience an exciting virtual love story while you save money.

Ikemen Bank in pink
Ikemen Bank in pink
  Wouldn’t it be great if you could manage to save money and get a boyfriend? Ikemen Bank is a moneybox, but it’s not just any moneybox . Each time you put a coin in it, an exciting love story will unfold between you and your virtual boyfriend.

"Ikemen" means "good-looking guy" in Japanese, and that’s why this moneybox has a screen showing cute guys.

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 on 22 Sep 2009 by Ayumi Nakai in Japanese videos

Business Card Holder Shaped Like Nintendo’s Famicom

A new product was recently launched on the market in Japan: it’s a business card holder that’s shaped like Nintendo’s legendary Famicom game console.

Business card holder that looks like a real Famicom console
Business card holder that looks like a real Famicom console
  Many Japanese adults grew up with the Famicom videogame console. This machine, made by Nintendo, was a true social phenomenon and gave birth to games such as "Super Mario Brothers" and "Dragon Quest". When I was a young girl, Famicon was all the kids in school ever talked about. The boys would brag endlessly about what level they’d reached. The console was discontinued in 2003, but lately they’ve been launching Famicom gadgets to apease nostalgic adults.

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 on 14 Sep 2009 by Ayumi Nakai in Japanese Culture

Borat’s Mankini: A Gift for Men who Lack All Sense of Shame

Despite being one of the most ridiculous, tackiest and most eccentric bathing suits of all times, the Mankini has become a wardrobe basic for any man who is utterly devoid of hang-ups.

This is how these 3 friends showed up at The Sun’s contest
This is how these 3 friends showed up at The Sun’s contest
  It was made popular by Sacha Baron Cohen on the beach in Cannes during the premier of his film Borat. Without the least sign of embarrassment or shame, the actor strolled by the shore introducing himself to people and having his picture taken with women. It was then that the history of this peculiar garment called the Mankini began.

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 on 11 Sep 2009 by Marta Reig in News and curiosities

Aqua Dance and Aqua Drop

These contraptions use nanotechnology to turn little drops of water into beautiful shapes that move as if they were alive.

Bandai’s Aqua Dance
Bandai’s Aqua Dance
  Is this water? The drops rolling around Aqua Dance and Aqua Drop look as if they were alive. These two products were created by Bandai. The first is meant to decorate your home and the second one’s a game.

The surface area on these products is made of a material that was specially developed using nanotechnology. Since the material repels water, the drops keep their round shape and literally glide on the surface without wetting it.

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 on 9 Sep 2009 by Ayumi Nakai in Japanese videos

British TV Host Builds Life-Size Lego House

James May, the famous TV host, has promised to move into this two-storey Lego house once construction is finished.

Each brick is made up of 272 Lego pieces
Each brick is made up of 272 Lego pieces
  James May is a celebrity in the UK where he hosts his own program on the BBC. Some months ago, he won a prize for building a garden out of Plasticine and now he’s back in the news. This time, he’s decided to build himself a Lego house in the middle of a vineyard in Dorking, Surrey.

Thousands of people showed up to lend him a hand, but there were so many volunteers that there wasn’t enough room for all of them.

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 on 8 Sep 2009 by Marta Reig in News and curiosities

Breast Shaped Stress Ball

Stressed out? Relax with this breast shaped anti-stress ball, the latest gadget meant to relieve tension. It comes form Japan and weighs 2 kilos.

This anti-stress ball is really huge
This anti-stress ball is really huge
  Oppai is the commercial name used for this atypical anti-stress ball. The word Oppai comes from Japan, the country where this design was invented, and it means something like "large breasts". Its meaning isn’t too far removed from reality, because the anti-stress breast is huge: it weights 2 kilos (4.5 pounds), measures 14 cm (5.5") in diameter and corresponds to a G-cup, one of the largest (and least common) bra sizes.

The boob shaped anti-stress ballis made out of a soft and squishy material and people who’ve actually touched it report that its texture is very similar to that of a real breast.

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 on 8 Sep 2009 by Marta Reig in Unusual gifts

Eco Hime, a japanese invention for covering up bathroom noises

Eco Hime is an ecologically friendly and very pretty japanese device about the size of a keychain. Carry it around with you to hide embarrassing noises in public toilets.

Eco Hime in pink
Eco Hime in pink
  Japanese women are very polite, even while going to the bathroom. They’ll flush the toilet to cover up the noises they make while using it. That’s why, in order to conserve water, many public toilets in Japan have installed built-in devices that reproduce the sound of flushing toilets. But, of course, not every bathroom has this device, that’s why Runat came up with Eco Hime, a portable device about the size of a keychain that you can carry around with you.

The sound’s volume and duration are pre-set.

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 on 1 Sep 2009 by Ayumi Nakai in Japanese Culture

Kururin Pao: Chinese Dumpling Maker

You can use this Japanese machine to make delicious Chinese dumplings. It’s so easy and so much fun, you’ll want to eat dumpling every day.

Kururin Pao Chinese Dumpling Maker
Kururin Pao Chinese Dumpling Maker
  If you’re sick of always eating the only 4 dishes you know how to prepare... how about making some Chinese food for a change? With Kururin Pao, you can easily make chinese dumplings. That’s more original than making homemade special fried rice, isn’t it?

The filling for dumplings is usually very easy to prepare, what’s hard is giving the dumplings shape.

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 on 19 Aug 2009 by Ayumi Nakai in Japanese videos

Social Network Pillows

These handmade pillows reproduce icons and logos from today’s most popular Internet social networks. You just can’t get any geekier than this.

RSS, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter & Flickr Pillows
RSS, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter & Flickr Pillows
  Anyone with a Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace account can’t help but smile when they see these pillows. Social networks have absorbed many people’s workdays and now, they’re starting to take over our leisure time as well! Napping with your head on a Flickr cushion or going to sleep while resting your head on an RSS pillow is the latest craze.

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 on 18 Aug 2009 by Marta Reig in Unusual gifts
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