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Manekko P-Chan: A Bird that Imitates You and Mumbles

Manekko P-Chan by Takara Tomy, is a toy bird that’ll imitate anything you say…

Manekko P-chan
Manekko P-chan
  Do you find it amusing to see how birds imitate and repeat everything you tell them? Well, Manekko ("imitator" in Japanese) P-Chan by Takara Tomy is a bird that’ll repeat your exact words seconds after you utter them. It’s designed to look like an Australian Parakeet and will be launched on the market next spring.

This bird has two different modes.

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 on 14 Dec 2010 by in

Eat popcorn in style, without getting your hands dirty

Use the Popcorn Hand to eat popcorn without getting salt and butter all over yourself.

The Popcorn Hand
The Popcorn Hand
  A few months back, I introduced you to the Potechi Handand artificial hand you can use to eat potato chips without getting your hands dirty. The product was such a success that, now, Takara Tomy has launched a new product in the same line; it’s called Popcorn Hand. Judging by the name, it’s easy to guess what it’s for...

This hand looks a lot like Potechi Hand but has a few added improvements and some new features.

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 on 14 Dec 2010 by Ayumi Nakai in Japanese Culture

Dancing Shoes: Slippers you can use to dance with your kids

These red felt slippers have another pair of miniature slippers built-in on top... They're the first house slippers designed for dancing with your kids!

Slippers and miniature slippers
Slippers and miniature slippers
  The slippers look a little weird when you're not wearing them, but once you put the on and convince your kid to put his feet in the little miniature slippers on top, these felt slippers are the perfect accessory for dancing at home. They're red and very warm, and were designed by COMPANY, a design firm based in Finland.

We've also found a version for the hands, a pack of mittens for couples made up of 2 normal mittens and one double mitten.

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 on 11 Dec 2010 by Marta Reig in Unusual gifts

An octopus shaped shower caddy that holds your shampoo bottles

This shower caddy is made out of latex and looks like an octopus. It has 9 tentacles to grip all your bottles of shower gel, conditioner, shampoo, etc.

So cute
So cute
  This shower caddy is the perfect gift for people who face the problem of storing innumerable bottles of shampoo, lotions and bath gels.
It's an octopus that hooks on to the wall fitting where the showerhead is attached. Since it's made out of latex, the octopus will be securely fixed so there's no DIY involved and no need to drill holes in the tiles.

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 on 10 Dec 2010 by Marta Reig in Unusual gifts

On Angel's Wings: Wing Shaped iPhone Stand

This original iPhone stand is shaped like a pair of little white angel wings. The wings suction on to the back of your iPhone.

Turn your mobile into a little angel
Turn your mobile into a little angel
  There are thousands of iPhone stands, but until now we had never found one as original and cute as this one. It's simply comprised of a pair of white wings that serve as a convenient tripod to hold your telephone (whether or not it's actually an iPhone) or MP3 player. That way you can look at your photos, watch a video on YouTube, listen to music, or simply let the device rest on your desktop.

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 on 10 Dec 2010 by Marta Reig in Unusual gifts

Kobito Dukan: Illustrated Encyclopedia of Dwarfs

These human-looking dwarfs are somewhat grotesque, yet also endearingly beautiful.

Kobito Dukan encyclopedia
Kobito Dukan encyclopedia
  "Kimokawaii" is all the rage in Japan. It’s a term used to describe something that’s at once grotesque and also endearingly beautiful, a concept that is quite popular among young people in Japan.

Kobito Dukan characters are perhaps the best example to illustrate this term. In Japanese, "kobito" means dwarfs and "dukan" means encyclopedia. This illustrated encyclopedia features all sorts of dwarfs found in the world around us.

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 on 8 Dec 2010 by Ayumi Nakai in Japanese Culture

Kinopuyo: Mushroom Lamp

When its sensors detect movement, it lights up and dances as if it were alive.

Kinopuyo, life-like dancing lamp
Kinopuyo, life-like dancing lamp
  It looks like a cute little mushroom figurine, but it’s actually a lamp! It’s called Kinopuyo. Kinopuyo gives off a soft and delicate ambient light. When it detects movement, it starts dancing and looks very much as if it were alive.

Let it welcome you home with its warm glow. Or light up your steps as you walk down the hallway to help you find your way.

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 on 8 Dec 2010 by Ayumi Nakai in Japanese Culture

Keromin: An Electronic Musical Instrument Shaped Like a Frog Puppet

At first glance, it looks like a cute little frog puppet, but if you open and close its mouth, it makes sounds!

  That’s because this is not actually a puppet or doll, it’s a professional musical instrument. It’s called Keromin. There’s a hole on the back for you to stick your hand in. That way you can open and close it’s mouth. If you open and close Keromin’s mouth while pressing the button on its arm, sounds come out of a speaker built in to its tummy.

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 on 8 Dec 2010 by Ayumi Nakai in Japanese Culture

Candy Music, a mobile chain that turns any object into a speaker

Candy Music turns any solid object into a speaker.

Stick Candy Music on any solid object to turn it into a speaker
Stick Candy Music on any solid object to turn it into a speaker
  Candy Music is a chain for your mobile that looks like little balls. It actually looks like very colorful piece of candy. However, this product has something else to offer that is sure to pique your curiosity. When you open the ball and stick it somewhere, you’ll start hearing music! Anything you stick the ball on turns into a speaker.

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 on 8 Dec 2010 by in

Kuchi-Paku Animal Speaker: Animal Speakers that Dance and Sing Playback

These stuffed animals have speakers inside and they also dance and move their mouths as if they were lip-synching.

Kuchi-Paku Animal Speaker
Kuchi-Paku Animal Speaker
  If you like stuffed animals, I highly recommend Idea Label’s Animal Speakers. These pets aren’t just cute, they’re also useful and lots of fun. These stuffed animals have speakers inside and they also dance and move their mouths as if they were lip-synching.

Connect your MP3 music player to the pet in question and use it to play whatever music you like.

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 on 27 Nov 2010 by Ayumi Nakai in Japanese Culture
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