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Nagashi Soumen and Wanko-Soba

Traditional and fun noodles to eat throughout the hot Japanese summer days

Nagashi Soumen
Nagashi Soumen
  Japan is pretty hot in the summer, therefore feeding habits do change during that season as well, looking for more refreshing dishes.

Flowing Noodles

One of the most popular summer dishes in Japan is called soumen. It’s a very fine noodle made of wheat flour and usually served cold with a special soup stock (tsuyu.)

For children and soumen lovers there exists a very fun way to serve them: flowing noodles! In Japanese they call it Nagashi Soumen.

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 on 15 Sep 2008 by Ayumi Nakai in Japanese Culture


Tupperware culture has evolved in Japan turning lunch-boxing into quite an art

Chara-ben "Jack Skellington"
Chara-ben "Jack Skellington"
  It is usual in Japan to take lunch box meals to the office or to school.

There exists a 'tupper' culture in many countries, the difference lies in the basis in Japan, they eat rice with everything.

Rice accompanies meats or fish as main dish, with vegetables as garnish and a little bit of fruit for dessert. And all that, perfectly arranged and prepared into the same container or tupperware.

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 on 15 Sep 2008 by Ayumi Nakai in Japanese Culture

Have you ever heard about PhotoReading?

Breakthrough method to learn how to read with speed

  PhotoReading is a breakthrough method to learn how to read with speed and it is based on the ability of the right hemisphere of the brain to "mentally photograph" the pages of a book.

Some people, just by slightly flicking through a book they are able to grasp and understand everything the book is telling.

Standing in this line, a famous Japanese baseball player said once that he could train and succeed to watch a ball motionless while actually being flying towards him.

There’s even a TV programme in Japan where a Japanese PhotoReading teacher –who had never ever played baseball before– shows and proves the skills you can learn and achieve with this reading method.

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 on 12 Sep 2008 by Ayumi Nakai in Japanese videos

Egg Bomb

A Japanese TV programme researches into how to make an egg bomb.

  In Japan there are many TV programmes that could be labelled as "variety/vaudeville". They are entertainment programmes of various kinds: talk shows, comic scripts, and other ones inviting viewers to participate.

Tantei (which means detective) Night Scoop is one of the latter, and it’s been broadcasting weekly for more than 20 years. The set recreates some detective’s office.

Tv viewers send in letters stating their trivial concerns and questions, mainly little problems and insignificant issues.

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 on 12 Sep 2008 by Ayumi Nakai in Japanese videos

Functional and designer technology, the one women prefer

Women demand their place among gadget consumers and they are asking for design... Girls know best!

Divine, an elegant Mp3 design
Divine, an elegant Mp3 design
  According to the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) women accounted for more than half the yearly spend on technology. Looking at the American market, as being quite representative in the industry, 34,000 million euros out of the total 60,000 spent yearly in consumer-electronics come out from women’s pockets.

Also, feminine influence turns out decisive for 89% of consumer-electronics purchases. Take good notice of that sirs! Girls have the last word and, to top it all, generally they are quite more critical than men.

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 on 5 Sep 2008 by Susana Navalón in Unusual gifts

For Girls Only: Designer Gadgets With Women In Mind

Plenty of choices for consumer-electronics gift giving; great looks and design for advanced she-users

The GPS you were looking for your car
The GPS you were looking for your car
  We take a look again at statistics and now we notice an in-company research at Philips (they know what they’re talking about) which states that 98% of women believe that design is a key deciding factor when making a purchase.

That’s the reason why the Dutch company has formed an alliance with the Swarovski brand to design a range of products clearly aimed for women.

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 on 5 Sep 2008 by Susana Navalón in Unusual gifts

Gadgets In Pink; Market’s Hackneyed Subject

Haven’t they realized yet that not every women like pink?

Gadgets in Pink
Gadgets in Pink
  Pink colour has always been associated with "femininity" and despite now being often used indiscriminately both by men and women, back in the 60s it was a women’s only colour. The old cliché: "boys in blue, girls in pink."

There are women who like a pink gadget, although there’s a much bigger percentage of them who prefer different colours. According to Saatchi & Saatchi, only 9% of female consumers think that pink colour contributes to make a product more attractive.

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 on 5 Sep 2008 by Susana Navalón in Unusual gifts

The enthralling world of gadget accessories

‘Cause women know how important accessories could be when showing off style

Mobile phone sleeves, specially designed for women
Mobile phone sleeves, specially designed for women
  The world of fashion accessories has always attracted women, now all the more reason to let yourself be seduced. There are so many gadgets to decorate, organize, protect and store!... Customizing portable devices with different accessories becomes a fascinating consumerism exercise. And there’s no stop to keep widening the range of gift ideas for the femmes.

20th Century women need lots of cases.

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 on 5 Sep 2008 by Susana Navalón in Gadgets, inventions and prototypes

Giant microbes, guts stuffed animals, pixelated teddies and totally customizable plush toys

So very odd and unusual that you are not bound to bump into them in your local village carnival or charity ruffle

You won’t be needing a microscope to find the cause of your calamities
You won’t be needing a microscope to find the cause of your calamities
  If you want to flabbergast your friends, give them a giant mad cow virus; they will freak out a little while learning about the calamity that was driving British people and their cattle “mad” some ten years ago.

The most infectious plush toys come in the shape of the Ebola virus, a flesh eating streptococcus, a fat cell -adipocyte-… Now it’s possible to cuddle a rhinovirus –only a million times actual size– while you get to learn all about the common cold.

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 on 4 Sep 2008 by Susana Navalón in Unusual gifts

For adults only: bloody and horrifying stuffed toys for gore, terror and fantasy fans

Road-killed, stabbed by scissors, devoured by a shark, depicted as zombies… Who said that plush toys were corny?

He might not be willing to taste a carrot again
He might not be willing to taste a carrot again
  Anyone captivated by blood, the dead and macabre jokes, please be informed there’s now a wide range of stuffed toys worthy of any terror movie. If you want your room to look like the Museum of Horrors, choose any of the stuffed toys we’re proposing and start trembling!. The days of the loving and dull plush toys are numbered.

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 on 4 Sep 2008 by Susana Navalón in Unusual gifts
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