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Window House, Muji’s Prefabricated Homes

Clients can customize these homes to their own liking and decide where to put the windows

Muji’s prefabricated Window House
Muji’s prefabricated Window House
  Muji is a multifunctional store where you’ll find items as diverse as wooden desks, house slippers, color highlighters and wood-carved replicas of the New York skyline. This is Japan’s most popular store; you might even say there’s a Muji on every corner in Japan. It’s much like Inditex in Spain, Ikea in Sweden or Starbucks in the USA. Muji has as many sections as a large department store: kitchen, furniture, storage, stationary, lighting… All its products are top-quality, created by major designers and have prices that almost anyone can afford.

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 on 30 Oct 2008 by Marta Reig in Art, design and architecture

EasyBloom, Get the Perfect Garden with This USB Flower

This flower-shaped gadget will analyze your ecosystem and recommend the best plants to grow in it

It looks like a flower, but hides a USB cable inside
It looks like a flower, but hides a USB cable inside
  Are you hopeless as a gardener? Still perplexed about the aloe vera plant you bought in some exotic country that just would not survive at home? With this gadget, you’ll finally manage to help your plants survive through the dog days of summer and the winter frost.

EasyBloom is a sort of digital gardener that combines nature’s best with the most advanced technology.

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 on 30 Oct 2008 by Marta Reig in Unusual gifts

Keyright, the color-coded keyboard that’ll teach you how to type

The keyboard is divided into eight color zones and each finger is assigned a different color

You won’t want to leave home without your keyboard
You won’t want to leave home without your keyboard
  Years ago, if you wanted to learn how to type correctly, you had to sign up for a typing course. Who could ever forget those blank keyboards that used to drive us crazy? A specially designed computer program displayed you where each letter would be on a normal keyboard. And when the student pressed the wrong key, the letter lit up on the screen as if she’d won a prize.

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 on 29 Oct 2008 by Marta Reig in Unusual gifts

Korejanai Robo, for boys who always wanted to have a robot

This robot is one of the winners of the Good Design Award 2008, a prestigious Japanese design prize that has been given out for the past 51 years

The robot hides a USB connector inside
The robot hides a USB connector inside
  An association that promotes Japanese industrial design organizes the contest and, last week, they announced the winners of the 2008 edition. Although it wasn’t picked as one of the 15 best in the contest, this retro-style wooden robot, called Korejanai Robo, has received one of the prizes awarded by a jury made up of designers, journalists and architects.

According to its creators, this robot is a tribute to all those little boys who always wanted to have a robot and never got one.

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 on 29 Oct 2008 by Marta Reig in Japanese Culture

Paper Toys: Print, Cut Out, Fold and Paste

These toys don’t come packed in a box, instead they’re sent by email as a PDF document

Toy created from a sheet of paper
Toy created from a sheet of paper
  Why buy toys produced on the assembly line when you can create them in your own living room? At school, they taught us to make gifts from mere sheets of paper: we called them “cut-outs”. A simple idea that’s now been revived ReadyMech, is a webpage that offers Internet users PDF files with blueprints of several toys: a smiling square ball, a Chinese doll, a robot, a pirate, a cat… They’re designed to fit on a standard-sized page (8.5x11 inches/21.6x28cm) and can be printed on any type of printer, although they’ll look better if you use a color printer.

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 on 28 Oct 2008 by Marta Reig in Unusual gifts

e•note, electronic post-its

e•note is halfway between the traditional yellow block of post-it notes and a Word document

That’s what e•notes will be like
That’s what e•notes will be like
  We’ve already talked about edible post-its called toast-it, a box that makes toasted messages for breakfast, in a previous note. Today we’re presenting another invention that looks at the amazing possibilities of the world of post-its. The concept was developed by the Sequoia Studio design firm. Their creative minds came up with e•note, a note pad that, at first glance, looks like the classic block of yellow post-its.

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 on 27 Oct 2008 by Marta Reig in Gadgets, inventions and prototypes

Cool armchairs

A Pac-Man footstool, a pixel-print armchair, a rock cushion… These pieces of furniture were conceived with popular culture, technology or nature as a source of inspiration

PoufMan, the Pac-Man Footstool
PoufMan, the Pac-Man Footstool
  Design knows no limits. Architects crossover to the world of fashion and now design shoes and clothing, while dressmakers try their hand at interior design… After all, what matters is the final result: getting to create a product with the cutting-edge design that is truly groundbreaking. The idea is to invent something no one has ever thought of before, to be first.

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 on 24 Oct 2008 by Marta Reig in Unusual gifts


This 5 cm tall Russian doll created by Bandai will help you make important decisions.

Bandai’s Unazukin
Bandai’s Unazukin
  Having created the tamagotchi, one of the most successful virtual toys on the market, Bandai could well have taken advantage of its media appeal to launch a 21st Century version. When this Russian doll went on sale, all factors seemed to indicate that this invention was to be the next tamagotchi.

But Unazukin is not your everyday toy; it’s a distraction, a pastime , a PopArt style decorative object.

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 on 22 Oct 2008 by Marta Reig in Unusual gifts

Maid Café’s In Japan

In these coffee shops, waitresses dress up as servants and treat customers as if they were the lords of an 19th Century style house

Two waitresses outside a Maid Café
Two waitresses outside a Maid Café
  Just outside the Akhibara subway station, in Tokyo’s electronics district, it’s fairly common to find a group of Japanese women disguised as servants handing out flyers with huge smiles on their faces. Their aim is to lure customers to follow them to their places of work, the Maid Cafés, thematic coffee shops where these women play the role of servants and customers are treated like the lords of a 19th Century home.

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 on 21 Oct 2008 by Marta Reig in Japanese Culture

Is it possible to make a painting without paint?

It appears so. A Ukrainian artist uses adhesive tape to give shape and color to his pieces.

One of Khaisman's pictures
One of Khaisman's pictures
  It’s amazing to realize that these paintings are made out of packing tape, those brown rolls of adhesive tape that are used to wrap packages and seal cardboard boxes. You’ve used it more than once… but surely this is the first time you’ve ever seen works of art made out of this product.

Mark Khaisman, a Ukrainian painter who studied fine arts and architecture in Moscow, has been the first to develop this technique that uses adhesive tape as the sole material to give his paintings shape, color and texture.

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 on 21 Oct 2008 by Marta Reig in Art, design and architecture
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