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 el 14 May 2009 por Ayumi Nakai

10min. (Ten Minutes)

Jot down, stick, and organize your tasks using 10 min., a daily planner that has all the advantages of Post-it notes.

10min. inside
10min. inside
10min. inside 10min.’s front and back covers This is how you use 10min. 10min. with Post-its in different colors and sizes Get organized in just a few minutes 10min.’s cover 10min. in different colors
Are you tired of getting bogged down at work and never managing to complete your to-do list? 10min. is the perfect solution to help you organize your day-to-day tasks. It’s a daily planner that uses Post-its to visually map out what you need to de throughout the day. The product was created by kanmido and they called it 10min. because it’ll help you plan your day’s tasks in just 10 minutes, just before starting work.

What you do with 10min. is simply jot down a task on each Post-it, stick the notes in the notebook, organize them and schedule them in order of priority. 10min. includes 3 types of Post-its in different colors and sizes. Each size indicate the amount of time required for a task, for instance, use the narrow Post-it for a half-hour task, and the widest size for tasks that take over an hour.

The 10min. notebook has 4 sections. The left-hand column indicates today’s schedule, that’s where you organize the day’s tasks. The column in the middle is used to prioritize tasks before you stick the Post-its on your schedule in the left-hand column, you can use this space to think about which tasks are most important and move them around in order of priority. Underneath, there’s a space where you can include items on your to-do list, like pay the rent, the gas bill... The last column, on the right, is for tasks that are not urgent, the ones you can leave for another day.

The advantages of 10min.:

  • The process of organizing Post-it notes with tasks written on them by sticking them and peeling them off again will help you clarify your ideas and organize your workload.
  • You’ll no longer feel stressed out about forgetting any task, from really important duties, to errands that can easily wait.
  • You’ll learn to estimate how long it’ll take you to complete each task.
  • You’ll easily be able to change your schedule by sticking, peeling off and organizing the Post-its.

    10min.’s size has also been well-thought-out. It’s very compact, fits in your hand, and barely takes up space. It’s designed as an accessory to your weekly or monthly planner. It comes in bright, cheery colors, not like normal planners that are dark and dreary.

    10min. is becoming very popular and there’s some very positive feedback about this new method of organizing tasks. "I’m a lot less stressed-out since I started using this visual planner, because I know what my important tasks are", "If there’s a sudden change of plans, it’s no problem. All I have to do is peel off one Post-it and stick a new one on", "I’ve managed to become more productive at work".

    What’s more, upon completing a task, you’ll enjoy the satisfaction of removing the Post-it.

    Exite Bit
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