Regalos originales y gadgets

Unusual gifts and gadgets

The vibrator’s shape was especially designed to adapt perfectly to the female anatomy, and its material is incredibly soft and pleasant to the touch.

Its size (eight by three centimetres in diameter) has been carefully calculated to ensure any woman will feel comfortable using it in any position.

Turn your smartphone into a pleasure control with the "Clicktorix" Smartphone Controlled Vibrator, a device that allows your lover to play good cop / bad cop by switching among its ten different vibration intensities, stopping and starting, and generally working you up into a rage... the possibilities are as unlimited as your imagination.

The "Clicktorix" Smartphone Controlled Vibrator is very easy to use: it comes with a pink transmitter that you connect to the earphone input on your smartphone, and all you have to do is download the free Clicktorix app on your Apple or Android device. The app allows you to control the vibrator's intensity at will.If you enter your personal data in the application, you can also estimate how many calories you’ll burn each time you use it and synchronize the device with the Lose it! application.

Plus, the Clicktorix app also measures your heart rate, runs an exciting countdown that tracks how long it will take you to reach orgasm and has two channels so you can use two different vibrators without interference, in case you want to play as a group or in case he simply enjoys exploring the full potential of his P spot...

Clicktorix was designed for Curiosite by Emilio Alarcón, a Spanish designer who specializes in developing smartphone applications that venture into unexplored market niches. According to the designer: "Women nowadays are completely hooked on their smartphones: when they’re not sending messages on WhatsApp, they’re tweeting or pinning photos on Pinterest. I thought an application like Clicktorix would be a good way for them to be satisfied sexually without having to renounce their smartphones."