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Curiosite was inaugurated on September 21st, 2008.The site is a Milimetrado production
Milimetrado diseño y producción multimedia S.L.
C/ Corredera Alta de San Pablo 28,
Madrid, 28004, Spain
Phone: +34 91 141 33 05

A Little History

In Spain, as well as in some countries in Latin America, we have the custom of giving children (and by extension, adults) gifts on the Epiphany (January 6th) which commemorates the day the Three Wise Men reached Bethlehem bringing gifts for baby Jesus. Children often write a letter to the Three Wise Men asking for the gifts they want and also ensuring them that they’ve been well-behaved all year, since, according to tradition, children that have behaved badly receive charcoal instead of gifts

The happiest day in the Alarcón brothers’ (the founders of Curiosite) lives was that January 6th years back when the Three Wise Men brought them a Famobil pirate ship! That year, they had been very good boys! It was, beyond a doubt, the best gift any boy at the time (the late ‘70’s) could have dreamt of... and that is the origin of the Alarcón brothers’ devotion to the Three Wise Men.

Traditionally, the Epiphany at the Alarcón’s home is a very important day. It’s sheer madness, with everyone competing to see who can give the best gift... the most original, strangest, largest, cheapest, tackiest...

Juan Sebastián Alarcón and Emilio Alarcón grew up, the Internet emerged, they set up their first companies, they cut their teeth on web site development and e-commerce until reaching the level of maturity and experience necessary in order to create Curiosite, their own little tribute to the Three Wise Men, a web site intended to inspire all the wise men in the world... a web site created, above all, for people who enjoy gift giving.
Curiosite does not purport to be anything other than a site that offers inspiration to keep the art of gift giving alive.

The People Behind the Screen You’re Looking At

Curiosite would never be possible without the unyielding drive of delicate and subtle Carmen, Marta’s total command of the world of curiosities, Eva’s on-going “tele” rather than moral support, the energetic concern of Alex, who is almost always inspired, super-fighter Fernando’s boundless morale, and the indisputable dialectical precision of our musical Sonia. If you reinforce this super-team with collaborators of such stature as Alicia (essential in the last few days when the team’s spirits were declining), Ayumi (who contributes a stratospheric vision) and Susana (an incorrigible flirt), it’s easy to understand why the web site is so cool...


The milimetrado team
Nati and El Chipi
Alex, Alberto, Juani and Avis
Luis García and Nacho García, milimetrado forever
Uncle Carlos
Little pigs and piglets
Our roomies, Age, Devi and Marisa
The mmmm....
Nicodemo and Xoel

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Entidad adherida a Confianza Online Entidad adherida a Confianza Online ©2010 Curiosite. Regalos originales y gadgets. Curiosite es una producción de Milimetrado diseño y producción multimedia S.L. Inscrita en el Registro Mercantil de Madrid el 07 de Septiembre del 2006. Tomo:23.137. Libro:0. Folio:10. Seccion:8. Hoja:M-414659 CIF:B84800341 C/ Corredera Alta de San Pablo 28 Madrid, Spain