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  How do I use Condometric?

Use it according to the instructions that come in the package. Some basic rules:
- always use Condometric with an erect penis.
- the condom must be fully stretched over the penis; obviously measurements will vary if the condom is wrinkled.

  Where do you measure the penis’ size from?
  It always starts at the base of the penis and up to the top of the foreskin.
  Can I use Condometric during sexual intercourse or is it just a toy?
  Yes, Condometric is meets all European safety and quality standards and may be used as a safe method of contraception.
  Is there a Condometric in inches?
  Yes, there is a version of the product in inches directed at the English-speaking market.
  Where can I get my Condometric?

Condometric is currently a prototype and is in the manufacturing phase. We will soon inform you where the points of sale will be.

  Does the ink on Condometric leave stains?
  No. The print made by ink used for Condometric is not produced in the same way paper is printed, rather it is made during the latex sculpting phase. Because of this, the ink forms part of the condom’s structure and never touches the skin.

Who the hell is behind this idea?


Condometric is a registered brand that belongs to Curiosite, a company dedicated to distribution of novelty products. Original concept and project developed by milimetrado. C/ Corredera Alta de San Pablo 28, Madrid, 28004, España

1. Take the condom out of the wrapper carefully to avoid accidental tears; do not rip it, do not use your teeth, do not use knife or scissors or nails. If your penis is not circumcised, pull back the foreskin uncovering the glans.


2. Put the condom on your erect penis and squeeze the closed end between your thumb and index finger –there has to be no air inside a condom– leaving a half-inch space at the tip to allow room for semen collection.


3. Slowly roll the condom down the full length of penis with your free hand; never unroll the condom before putting it on the penis.


4. Condometric is ready in all its glory, now it’s time for you to start enjoying yourself with Condometric.

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