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Ant Farm

A frame filled with a gel that provides ants with food and shelter. It's simple to maintain and perfect for children.

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The first ant farm was made by NASA. The idea was to take an ant colony up to space so astronauts could study ant behavior at zero gravity. This invention was later marketed to a general public, so anyone who wanted to could observe ants making tunnels, eating, and living together.

This ant farm is made out of an extra sturdy acrylic material. It's filled with a non-toxic, reusable, blue silicone gel.

All you have to do is catch about 15 ants and put them inside. Prick the gel two or three times with a small stick to help the ants start their tunnels. They will start tunneling through the silicone as if it were soil. This silicone is not just an ecological habitat for these insects, it also provides them with the food they need.

Maintenance is so simple, anyone can take care of them: you simply need to open the container's lid once a month to aerate the farm. That's it!

Some interesting facts about ants:

  • There are an estimated 10 quadrillion ants living on Earth.
  • It is estimated that some ant colonies contain over 20 million individuals.
  • Along with sharks, ants are among the planet's oldest animals.
  • They're the strongest creatures in proportion to their size. They can carry 10-20 times their weight.
  • Ant are also among the insects with the longest life-spans.

    Easy, simple, and educational
    The pack includes everything you need to start a colony, except the ants
    You'll need about 16 ants
    Container made of durable and transparent acrylic material
    Size of Container: 14 x 16.5 x 3 cm / 6 x 6.5 x 1.2 inches
    Includes a magnifying glass so you can observe the ants'behavior
    The average ant lives approximately 6 months
    The blue silicone gel may be reused
    Includes instructions for use and information about ants
    It's the perfect gift for children
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    Customer reviews
    1 reviews. Average rating:
    ant farm
    i think the ant farm is a great toy it is a lot of fun to watch the ants build there tunles, store food and expand there world.. it also doubles as a pet alot of pets!i look forword to buying one
    Posted by ali.
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